Essastone Benchtops

A beautiful option for your kitchen, bathroom and other wet surface areas throughout your home, our Essastone benchtops and tiles come in an array of finishes and hues to choose from. Whether you’re after one particular colour or pattern, our diverse range will suit any overall style or existing aesthetic – contemporary, traditional, classic or modern – making it an easy choice for many clients.

What is Essastone?

Essastone is a high-quality engineered stone made and produced in Italy, which features 95% natural quartz. Essastone was initially created as a more affordable alternative to real stone. As it’s a non-porous stone with many qualities, it’s commonly used for kitchen benchtops, bathrooms and other wet surface areas throughout a home.

Why Choose Essastone For Your Benchtops?

There are many reasons why you should choose Essastone for your kitchen benchtops, bathroom benchtops and other wet surfaces in your house or business. Aside from Essastone being an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary stone, our Essastone benchtops and tiles are scratch and stain resistant and a low maintenance stone, which doesn’t require sealing, making it a practical option for your everyday surface areas.

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