Stone Benchtops in Perth

There is no doubt that a beautifully crafted stone benchtop can transform a regular kitchen into a stunning focal point of the home. Stone benchtops in Perth are extremely durable and look as good as new even years after it was purchased. The secret to stone benchtops durability lies with the stone itself. Whether it is a natural stone, like marble, or a manufactured stone, like smartstone, the natural minerals found in both are proven to last. The different types of stone available through Austrend are Caesarstone, Essa stone, Smartstone, Quantum Quartz, Q Stone, Kalingastone, Silestone, Marble and Granite. The unique minerals found in these stones create a resistance to stains, scratches and in some cases, heat.

Benefits of Natural Stone Benchtops in Perth

Natural stone has been used throughout history as a preferred building material. In present times, marble and granite are two natural stones that are still commonly used when creating stone benchtops in Perth. Natural stone is derived from the earth and is one of the most durable materials available. The unique, classic look of marble is preferred by many who want a sleek design that was created by nature. The benefits of using marble for stone benchtops in Perth are that it’s hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant and comes in a variety of colours. It is also easy to clean and long-lasting. Like marble, granite is also hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant. It is heat resistant, beautiful to look at and is a popular choice of stone for many Australian families.

Benefits of Engineered Stone Benchtops in Perth

Advances in manufacturing have allowed for the creation of engineered stone. Engineered stone is made by combining quartz with resins and pigments. Engineered stone benchtops in Perth are highly resistant to many different variables such as heat, stains, cracks and scratches. The stone has been manufactured to last and to ensure you peace of mind, most stone manufacturers will provide a warranty. There are many different types of engineered stone materials available that are particularly popular because of their striking appearance and high functionality.

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